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Monday, July 5, 2010

N. San Juan Mural

 Bigley's Market & Brass Rail Tavern
29336 HWY 49 at Flume Street
N. San Juan, CA

Out along Hwy 49, you'll find the forested community of N. San Juan.  There's not a lot here, and frankly, that's part of the charm. Yet, arriving early for a rendez-vous at Bigley's Market & Brass Rail Tavern, I discovered these murals. The first one, on the east side of the bldg. commemorates a local personage, "Smiley", pictured in the center. The remaining scenes touch on local themes of the Chinese Immigrant in early California, as well as the Cherry Carnival.

This is the west end of the building; the mural here is obscured by cardboard and debris.  Both murals are beginning to deteriorate; I was unable to locate detailed info for either mural.

June 20, 2010 

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