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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Morning Calm - Union Reservoir

On a recent canoe camping trip to Union Reservoir, I woke early and took the canoe out for a solo spin, all the while admiring the natural beauty reflected in the lake waters.

Throughout the trip, I searched the skies to spy one or more of the Osprey that nest nearby. It appeared to be a family, two larger Osprey teaching a loudly complaining youngster. In contrast to the scream-like cries of the Red-Tailed Hawks that nested in my yard in Oakland, the Osprey's call is somewhat melodic, and less fearsome. Wheeling high in the sky, I was never able to get a photo, and eventually gave up trying, choosing instead just to watch as they soared, high and away.

A little later in the morning the wind picked up and added some chop.

These Islands look uninhabited, but in fact, are home to many million mosquitoes! Best visited when the wind is up, blowing the bugs away!

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