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Saturday, May 1, 2010

SF Murals - Pasado y Futuro

Another testament to the SF Cycling experience -- sometimes, it's like you're riding on clouds!

2005 Precita Eyes Project
This mural honors the diverse peoples who have inhabited the nearby area. Located at 24th and Potrero St., SF

SF Murals - Art in Progress #1

Timing is a weird thing, especially when forces conspire to make fun and interesting things happen right in front of you. After a good day of photographing 24th St. Murals, I was  on my way home when I stumbled across this mural in progress. How could I not stop? The muralist, Megan Wolfe, was friendly and spoke with us.  Alley artwork in progress, Megan expects she'll complete the mural in the next two weeks. She'd roughed out some parts: a woman, a couple of flowers, but much of the work was yet to be done. Megan told me she has a small daughter and is married.

 Stay Tuned! I'll post new photos next time I pass by this one.