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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Coyolxauhqui Has Something to Say,  
by Irene Perez and the Mujeres Muralistas
Balmy Alley, SF (1972)

Historical note: This mural shows a new bicycle engineering design from the 1970's: Spoke-less wheels.  While they were lauded for their safety (no spokes to get caught in), this design just didn't last, mostly because the floating hubs would begin to sink after a few rides up Clipper. Notice also, that they don't need a drive train -- in the good old days, bikes were moved about by the power of good vibes.

Franco Folini has a good shot of the mural on Flickr.

Stay tuned for more Balmy Alley Mural posts!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alaska - Taku Glacier

Motion sickness aside, the aerial view of Taku Glacier was well worth the trip. It's difficult to appreciate how big these massive frozen rivers are. Taku Glacier is 57 miles long, and a part of the Juneau Ice Field. In 1883, it was called Schultze Glacier and later in 1890, it was called Foster Glacier, but over time, the local tlingit word, "Taku" was used for both the river and the glacier.

Peaceful reminiscence

Hands / Eyes

For the Woman on the Coaster with Hands and Eyes.
                                                             ...and for you, too.

Balmy Alley

Lilac Alley?

Naya Bihana (A New Dawn)
Martin Travers, Balmy Alley @ 24th Street

Hands cling to hands and eyes linger on eyes:
thus begins the record of our hearts
                                                              --The Gardener XVI, Rabindranath Tagore