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Saturday, May 7, 2011

SF Murals - Lower Haight #2

They have record stores and murals in Lower Haight too. But with a different flavor from murals in other parts of the City. I was muddled after a dr's appt., so I found these by being a little lost, one street over from my usual route outta town. I was distracted enough to allow a stop and snap these photos.

Edo Salon
603 Haight Street @ Steiner

 And across Steiner, you have these:

Black Pancake Records "Hot stacks of Wax"
593 Haight @ Steiner
Lower Haters Gallery @ 597 Haight,
which installed a new mural series on the walls of its building.
Of them, this is my favorite:

by Michael Kershnar

This guy and his friend are weird adornments by muralists 'Skinner' and '2501' that express the element of dark horror lingering below the surface of the lower Haight.

Crabby urbanites courtesy of Galo, an Italian artist:

Don't Forget to Look Down!

These guys look like they're part of a dark kids' book,
with adventures in grey places: