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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Great Lake Swimmers

I stumbled across this one, drawn first by the band name, then completely immersed in the sound and sense of it. I love this Canadian band. She Comes to Me In Dreams, by the Great Lake Swimmer. Add to the shortlist of faves.

Great Lake Swimmers - 2003

Bodies and Minds - Great Lake Swimmers - 2005

Wikipedia Article

Ongiara - Great Lake Swimmers - 2007
 Wikipedia article

Friday, March 19, 2010

Santa Paula Murals #5

Santa Paula Artists and Architects
136 North 10th Street
Wei Luan, muralist, c. 2004

I'm grateful to the Santa Paula Murals site for this background information about this mural.

Since the 1890s, Santa Paula has been home to many talented artists and architects whose works and presence have enriched not only our community, but the state and nation as well. Among the outstanding artists, are Jessie Arms Botke and her husband Cornelis Botke, whose works are featured in the Smithsonian. Jessie became known as a “decorative painter” who concentrated on exotic bird paintings with gold leaf applications, whereas Cornelis, an accomplished oil painter and etcher, focused on landscapes and still lifes. The two artists collaborated on several murals as well.

Contemporaries of the Botkes were Douglas Shively, who specialized in local landscapes and became fondly known as “Mr. Sycamore.” Robert Clunie, also a plein air painter, became known for his paintings of the Sierras where he would travel and set up his easel in the rugged backcountry near Bishop where he eventually retired. Photographer Horace Bristol attained national recognition for his Depression era photos where he worked for Life Magazine documenting the conditions of migrant workers along with John Steinbeck.
Santa Paula’s first architect/builder was Herman Anlauf who designed the landmark Faulkner House in 1894 with Franklin Ward. The first licensed architect to come to Santa Paula in the teens was Roy C. Wilson, whose firm spanned over fifty years and was the most prolific in Ventura County. Many architects got their start here including Robert Raymond and John Stroh. Raymond became best known for the Masonic Lodge built in 1930 and John Stroh for his design of St. Sebastian’s Church in 1951.

Santa Paula Murals #4

Celebrating Santa Paula’s Latino Culture
Corner of Main & 10th Street
Jose & Felisa Barcelona bldg.
Eloy Torres, Muralist, c. 2003

The Santa Paula Murals website explains:

This mural depicts the rich culture of Santa Paula’s Latino community. It honors their devotion to family, religion, education and country. It demonstrates their progression from laborers in the fields into the trades, business and professional fields through hard work, perseverance and determination. It illustrates their love of music and their cultural awareness with the musician and Zoot Suiter. Landmarks in the background are Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, ca. 1929, Santa Paula High School bell tower, 1939 and Main Street clock tower, 1905.

Santa Paula Murals #3

Main Street Santa Paula, CA c.1910

Corners of Main & Mill Streets
Oscar Morales Family Bldg.

Art Mortimer, muralist,
c. 1998

This "official" description from Santa Paula Murals' site:

"This mural reflects Main Street as the vital center of the growing town which was founded in 1875. Main Street served as the social, educational and religious center of town. Vignettes on the right show the original Blanchard Library, built in 1910; children from the first elementary school located nearby and El Brilliante Market, center of the vibrant Mexican commerce in Santa Paula at that time. The perspective in this mural is so real, residents find themselves tempted to drive right into the mural!"

Santa Paula Murals #2

This mural is located at 715 East Main Street, in Santa Paula, on the east side of the Bank of America. The muralist was Chuck Caplinger, and it was completed in 2002.

The Santa Paula Murals site (not affiliated with this one) describes the mural:

Santa Paula Family Farms, 1880s –1930s
The small family farms seen all around us today on the outskirts of Santa Paula are a testament to the hard work of the early pioneer families and workers. Here you see the evolution of agriculture from the 1880s to 1930s. Cattle and sheep ranching and dry farming grains, lima beans, walnuts and apricots took place on small family farms. Two scenes shown here are cattle being roped for branding and the young sheepherder Joe Anthony Jauregui with two lambs. At left, women are preparing apricots for drying and at right, families harvesting walnuts.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Farewell, Alex

I just learned that yesterday (Wed., March 17, 2010) Alex Chilton passed away, and couldn't help but queue up a variety of BoxTops, Big Star and Mats Tunes to wash away the dull angst that comes with news like this. Watch the full playlist on HiKit9's YouTube Channel

The Letter - Box Tops

My baby wrote me a letter...
Lonely days are gone, I'm a goin' home
My baby has just wrote me a letter

Well, she wrote me a letter said she couldn't live without me no mo'
I'm in Love with a Girl - Big Star

I'm in Love with a Girl
...I didn't know I could feel this way
think about her all the time
always on my mind
I Cry Like a Baby - Box Tops (1968)

Livin' without you is drivin' me crazy
I cry like a baby
Can't Seem to Make You Mine

Cover of the Feelies

She's a Mover
- Big Star - Radio City (1974)

September Gurls - Big Star - Radio City (1974)

September gurls do so much
I was your butch and you were touched
I loved you, well, never mind
I've been crying all the time
Alex Chilton - Paul Westerberg - Live Irving Plaza New York City (7-31-96)

Alex Chilton - Replacements - Pleased to Meet Me

I'm in love -- what's that song?
Visible Man, invisible voice
Dream Lover - Big Star - Third, Sister Lovers (1978)

You're a dream lover
And I'm never gonna let you go
And there's no other
Could look as good as you right now
And you shine like ice
And glare your eyes
Won't those daydreams come true
On Beale Street Green
My wishes visualized
You're real, so real
Seen twixt me and you
And I wake up and shiver
A lonely quiver
And I don't know where to look
Dream lover
Dream, you're a dream lover
Play it for me guitarist.

Santa Paula Murals #1

Chumash Heritage Mural Santa Paula Public Library Ann E. Thiermann c.6-4-2000

"[Ann E.] Thiermann carefully researched all aspects of life among the Chumash Indians in this area and hiked into the hills above Santa Paula to the site of a former Chumash village. She received confirmation for all the details in her mural from a professor of anthropology and Julie Tumamait, a local Chumash “culture bearer."

"The mural is used as a teaching tool for school children who learn about the first inhabitants of Santa Paula and are intrigued by learning about their way of life and the many animals and birds depicted in the mural."

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stevens Canyon Fleurs

Purple Larkspur
prefers open grown sunny, drier slopes

Scarlet Delphinium
Grows ~ 1/4 mile from the purple larkspur,
but prefers moist partial shade, steep rock.

Trillium chloropetalum
Prefers shade to deep shade;
a short walk from the larkspurs and frits

Fritillaria sp.
"Checkerboard Lily"