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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Arcata Murals - Crocigator?

The crocigator from Spring Street at 13th in Arcata, CA. 
Now that's a front yard!

As Seen On Haight Street...

I've always thought it's important to look up. 
Here's what you see when you look down:

 ...Haight St. in SF near Amoeba

Murals - Pachyderms

Detail from Ferndale Mural      

An elephant does not get
tired carrying his trunk.

                                 --Burundi Proverb

Detail - Arcata

As seen on the Great Highway in SF:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

SF Mosaic - Soto Bart Elevator

Give Respect to Gain Respect
The star points show "Joy, Love, Care, Trust, Respect Yourself and Respect Others"

Break the Chains of Prejudgement

We are the hearts of our community    

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SF Murals - San Bruno Launderland / Art In Progress

Another work-in-progress I stumbled across on the wall of the local Launderland Coin-Op, located at 2246 San Bruno Avenue in SF Apparently, it was sponsored by the Portola Neighborhood Steering Committee.

Background: The PNSC applied for a capital improvement grant to paint a mural on behalf of the property owner of Launderland, 2444 San Bruno Avenue. This wall is constantly tagged with graffiti. Even though the property owner does paint over it very often, we thought it would be great to have something there to beautify the neighborhood and deter graffiti.  The property owner was award the grant and we have hired Fiona Glas, a muralist, to paint a mural on the 25 ft by 10 ft blank wall on Launderland.
                                       --Portola Neighborhood Steering Committee (PNSC)

Next time I visit Portola Neighborhood, I'll try to post the completed mural

Another example of the hand as mural element: