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Thursday, February 24, 2011

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'

You gotta love Nancy Sinatra, forever memorializing strutting in your boots...

"Tony Lama" at The Wharf in Ventura;
Giant Boot with shroomchild, Hwy 101, Eureka.

I especially like the twang of the gigantic rubberband, right before the trumpets beeping brightly.

SF Sculpture: Three Heads / Six Arms - Poof It's Gone!

I visited SF's Civic Center Plaza Feb. 5, 2011, and snapped this shot of a huge 15-ton, 26-foot tall copper Buddha sculpture by Zhang Huan, entitled Three Heads / Six Arms. It is part of the 30th Anniversary celebration of  San Francisco-Shanghai Sister-City project.  You can watch a slide show of the sculpture being installed on May 4, 2010. You can see this slide show of it being dismantled on February 11, 2011.