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Monday, July 5, 2010

Linden Mural

Drive-by Mural discovery in the hamlet of Linden, California, along Hwy 26 (at Bonham Rd.)  Note the recurring cherry theme, cherie!

Driving back to the SF Bay Area from Calaveras County, a detour took me along the Milton Road, and thence to Hwy. 26, and through Linden. I was impressed by the local high school: a huge, well maintained track/field, a professional looking AG Center, complete with vineyards, together with the usual high school buildings. Driving alone, I played my tunes, and enjoyed the California agricultural scenery passing by: Cherry orchards, rolling pasture lands, spreading walnut trees  in row after row, corn stalks taller than my hands reaching for the sky. I like seeing the plants that nourish us each year, and felt grateful. I pulled a quick right turn on Bonham when I saw this mural, and I must say it is a nice contrast to the urban-themed murals one finds in SF, Oakland and San Jose.

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