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Friday, February 11, 2011

Telegraph Road - In Shades of Green and Black and Green

It was raining when I shot these photos, so it might feel a bit wet as you gaze through my camera's rain splashed lens. Driving home from BLS after New Years Day, I made the traditional "stretch your legs" stop at Telegraph Road. I've posted photos from this area, these very landmarks before, so they may seem familiar. What I wanted to show though, was how green the area is again, after the grass fire from July 4th, 2010.

The falling stone walls, chinese-laborer built speak to me of hard-working history. And even in disrepair, they enchant me, reminding of Robert Frost's poem, Mending Wall.

I especially worried about the palm tree after the grass fire; it appeared to have been rather scorched.  But you can readily see the burns on the trunk, and looking closely and you'll see the few green leaves, atop the decay,  testifying to the live status of this old monocot.


The creek winds along Telegraph Road. There's really good fig that grows there too, I think the figs ripen in ... Sept? Mmmm. One year, I worried I wouldn't have tasty fig treats here--the creek had swollen its banks, carrying away part of the road. The fig tree suffered, but slowly recovered in the intervening years. The photo below shows the creek while I crossed it...where it flowed freely over the road. Love It!

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