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Monday, February 7, 2011

One Person's Trash

Might be another person's TREASURE.

Today's Entry reaches out to long-time friend,
"Barney" Bobb, from 2nd Floor Redwood Hall
way back when. 

I just can't help myself! I really like recycled, repurposed quirky things. Take a common material, a punctured inner tube, no longer functioning  in its original intended use and otherwise destined for landfill, and make something useful, creative, interesting or possibly even beautiful out of it.   

I won't expound ad nauseum about Recycling, Repurposing, Upcycling, etc., but for me a big part of the attraction is the transformation of something scavenged. I appreciate people who see a material--albeit used or cast aside--and see a second life. You might recall I mentioned the Alchemy Goods Creative Reuse Inner Tube Contest sometime ago. Yeah? You remember? Good! Well, here's a link to the Contest's Winners. But don't stop there...head over to the  entries tab and check out the Giant Slingshot or the PVC Balloon Organ.

  As long as you're visiting the Instructables website, take a moment to click over to Bikes and learn about such cool projects as a the "Tall Amphibious Couch-Bike" with important design steps that involve a) Beer and b) More Beer. Apparently the mods and makes are endless--you just need a lot of time on your hands and need to create.

And Bobb, Thanks again for the Christmas Gift -- a huge set of discarded old keys discovered while "alley hooking". I love them, and I love it that you knew I'd love them!!

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