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Monday, September 13, 2010

Out of the Ordinary...

A few sites showcasing out-of-the-ordinary art projects.

Atlas Obscura

A Compendium of the World's Wonders, Curiosities and Esoterica. Press "Take Me to a Random Place" or look up a location of your choosing.

Web Urbanist

Reverse Graffiti

reverse graffiti artists work on otherwise grimy, filthy surfaces, creating art by cleaning rather than defacing walls. From Sao Paolo to San Francisco's Broadway Tunnel, clean up artists have a new take on temporary art.

35 Greatest Works of Reverse Graffiti

Reverse Graffiti, Dust Thou Art

Reverse graffiti: art etched into grime

Ossario - Alexandre Orion, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Scott Wade's Dirty Car Art Gallery - Scott has just the right kind of dust for his take on drawing in the windshield dust. After seeing Scott's incredible artistry you'll think twice before scrawling "wash me" on the windows. Watch Scott Wade on's Modern marvels or here, on YouTube

Recycled Art
Art From Trash

Non Trashy and Recycled Trash Art 

40 Terrific Works of Art Made From Common Trash

Cut Paper

Bovey Lee

Green (Grass/Moss) Graffiti

A new trend on graffiti that uses Mosses or grasses.

20 Masterpieces of Green Graffiti

13 Incredible Recycled Objects

Sand Painting / Sand Animation

10 Amazing Sand Artists and their Work
Caroline Leaf, The Owl Who Married a Goose
Joe Castillo, Sand Animation
David Alcala
"The Sand Magician" (De ZandtovenaarCircle of Life, by Ferenc Cakó
Rhapsody in Blue, by Ferenc Cakó
Hungarian Dances, by Ferenc Cakó
Vivaldi Four Seasons Sand Animation film Ferenc Cakó
             Winter Spring Summer Autumn
Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation (Ukraine's Got Talent) 

Kinetic Sculpture Races

Ventura has a Kinetic Sculpture Race, Benefiting the turning Point Foundation

Ferndale Embraces the all things kinetic, honoring the sport with its own museum, right in downtown. No entry about kinetic sculpture would be complete without a friendly nod to Hobart Brown (1934–2007).

The Kinetic Kingdom has a great historical article, Crazy Contraptions - A Light-Hearted Look at Ferndale's Kinetic Sculpture Race, by Stan Bennett 1975

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