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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Excision - Idioms, Idiots and Music for Operating Rooms

Of all the things Mothers say to their sick children, this one, from my Mother,  made a lasting impression on me. If something hurt, or I didn't  feel well, she'd say,

It's just the meanness poking out of you

The message seems to be that there's lots of meanness inside everyone, but you have too much, you're overflowing and it pokes out. Theories of Excesses may apply. Empathy, however, is not to be expected. 

As a way of interpreting things, the mind realizes its problems through queries: Am I retarded? Inoperable Brain Tumor? If only I'd been able to realize that my mother wasn't mercilessly mocking me, she was telling me the plain, simple TRUTH:  It was just the meanness poking out of me.

Preparing for surgery, I jokingly asked the surgical resident if he could slip a bit of Liposuction and a Lap Band in on the side. That was the first surgery. Now after surgery, I waken dumbfounded that they've forgotten the Lobotomy yet again. aaagggh!

Now, put your tongue in your cheek and bite down hard. Here's a quick mix in the genre, "Music for Operating Rooms":

Take Me to the Hospital - Stars & Mats Mix
There's A Doctor - Pete Townshend
Blood Makes Noise - Suzanne Vega
What the Tumor Said... - Buried Heads
Hospital - Lemonheads
Dear Doctor - Rolling Stones
Blood & Roses - Smithereens
Pills for Sara - Winterpills
Give Blood - Pete Townshend
I Wanna Be Sedated - Ramones
Easy Plateau - Ryan Adams

Seems grim? Naw, a little irreverent, a little like, "I's-a tells ya likes I's a-sees it"

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