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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Coyolxauhqui Has Something to Say,  
by Irene Perez and the Mujeres Muralistas
Balmy Alley, SF (1972)

Historical note: This mural shows a new bicycle engineering design from the 1970's: Spoke-less wheels.  While they were lauded for their safety (no spokes to get caught in), this design just didn't last, mostly because the floating hubs would begin to sink after a few rides up Clipper. Notice also, that they don't need a drive train -- in the good old days, bikes were moved about by the power of good vibes.

Franco Folini has a good shot of the mural on Flickr.

Stay tuned for more Balmy Alley Mural posts!

1 comment:

JohnnyG said...

I miss the vibes of the good old days. No oily chains and greasy fingers...thanks for the reminder!