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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Farewell, Alex

I just learned that yesterday (Wed., March 17, 2010) Alex Chilton passed away, and couldn't help but queue up a variety of BoxTops, Big Star and Mats Tunes to wash away the dull angst that comes with news like this. Watch the full playlist on HiKit9's YouTube Channel

The Letter - Box Tops

My baby wrote me a letter...
Lonely days are gone, I'm a goin' home
My baby has just wrote me a letter

Well, she wrote me a letter said she couldn't live without me no mo'
I'm in Love with a Girl - Big Star

I'm in Love with a Girl
...I didn't know I could feel this way
think about her all the time
always on my mind
I Cry Like a Baby - Box Tops (1968)

Livin' without you is drivin' me crazy
I cry like a baby
Can't Seem to Make You Mine

Cover of the Feelies

She's a Mover
- Big Star - Radio City (1974)

September Gurls - Big Star - Radio City (1974)

September gurls do so much
I was your butch and you were touched
I loved you, well, never mind
I've been crying all the time
Alex Chilton - Paul Westerberg - Live Irving Plaza New York City (7-31-96)

Alex Chilton - Replacements - Pleased to Meet Me

I'm in love -- what's that song?
Visible Man, invisible voice
Dream Lover - Big Star - Third, Sister Lovers (1978)

You're a dream lover
And I'm never gonna let you go
And there's no other
Could look as good as you right now
And you shine like ice
And glare your eyes
Won't those daydreams come true
On Beale Street Green
My wishes visualized
You're real, so real
Seen twixt me and you
And I wake up and shiver
A lonely quiver
And I don't know where to look
Dream lover
Dream, you're a dream lover
Play it for me guitarist.

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