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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Coit Tower Hidden Niche - SF

Back in the day, I used to work on the east side of Telegraph Hill in SF. For fun, I'd climb the steps at Greenwich , up to Coit Tower, down the other side to Columbus and ... lunch at Molinari's Deli or fresh focaccia at Liguria Bakery. It was always a worthwhile walk ~ scenic, calorie crunching, muscle toning, visually beautiful, and lots of fresh air. 

Today, the rain was welcome and I'd wandered up to Coit Tower, again admiring the WPA-era frescoes. Afterwards, I meandered down the stone-lined path, where a neat discovery was made. I am sorry not to have a photo (yet!), but the poor lighting together with inclement weather obviated photography. 

Tucked into a little niche between the rocks of a low wall was a small diorama, a scene with a tiny human, small buildings, a few sprouting seeds. all this fitted over with a custom-made plexi-glass cover shaped to conform to the irregularly hewn rocks, and held in place with tiny tabs of hook/loop.

This little niche was well below the line of vision, located at about knee height, and again, I'm reminded to keep looking Down, and Up.

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