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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Death of a Camera...

Add to the long list of casualties:

My camera

I'm directly responsible for the loss or demise of a number of cameras, cell phones, watches, timepieces, Ipods :( and more. Today, I found a 2GB card in the laundry (along with $12 and change...) I'm not keeping count, but, it's a problem. Sigh. 

The old reliable Nikon is almost unusable, the new Casio jammed four months new, and now my little camera can't open its eyes. I have so many murals, mosaics and pieces of public art to visit, view, photograph and research, but that's going to be on hold for awhile. I knew that anyway, but the death of my camera just reinforces it: no jaunts in the City, no photos to catalog, instead, recuperation. Recovery.  

Honestly, it must be a sign: all of the cameras associated with me are broken. I can only see this as an indicator of focus and memory. No cheating with digital technology. Turning the lens inward, instead of seeking out the art of others?

Terribly dependent on timepieces and being early, not late, I am a death sentence for every watch I've ever owned. My collection of dead watches is a sad reminder that I'm so stuck in the present, owned by the past, the future never quite arriving.

I'll upload the photos I've taken over the last several months, but no forays for new material for a month or two. 

Outside looking in
Telegraph City

Think Good Thoughts...

September 17th


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