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Monday, August 16, 2010

Arcata - Trash(can) Art 1

The foggy little college town of Arcata, California draws in the creative spirit that you see so often when cruising the byways of Humboldt County. Originally called "Union", Arcata has almost always been centered around its Plaza at 9th/10th and G/H Streets. Where formerly Humboldt residents grazed livestock, now a lovely plaza with flowerbeds maintained by local Plaza businesses where Picnic-ing families listen to live Sonoma Bluegrass. The statue of McKinley stands erect, facing west, in the center.

The old adage, one [man's] trash is another [man]'s treasure, has become a personal theme for me. The rustier, the better! I was ever so flattered when a friend bestowed upon me a holiday gift of an old brass keyring with old-fashioned keys--he'd found it while he was "alley-Hooking" and thought of me!

These beautiful mosaic Trash Cans, situated at the four corners on Arcata's Plaza, are a wonderful incorporation of the trash/treasure element. Local Mosaic artist, Laurel Skye created these mosaics in cooperation with the Arcata Parks Dept. Laurel has a new mosaic site, where you can see photos of the Trashy Art, Laurel and the Parks Crew. I can't help but think that were I living full time in Arcata (as opposed to now, living in dreamtime/Arcata), I'd be one of Laurel's Mosaic Students.

Like to read more detailed info about these cool garbage receptacles? Check out the cover story from the North Coast Journal, ("NCJ") on 2/7/2002,  about the "Tile Lady", Laurel Skye, local arcata mosaicist.  There's a short article in the NCJ on 9/23/2004 (scroll down to "Trashy Art").

A total of four entries featuring these cool trash receptacles from Arcata:

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