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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Music for Recovery

Today, recovery is in the works. Following glorious days of spring rain, the sun breaks through with warning signs of summer, and winter recovery is a wonderful thing. Recovery has also been a theme for a friend, JohnnyG, who is recovering from a wrist injury. [Read JohnnyG's commute blog, More Miles Than Money.]

I stumbled across this from YepRoc and it seems to fit right in with a recovery theme. In January 2009, Peter Case suffered from both health and the massive costs of emergency healthcare, and was fortunate that his friends and fans rallied to help ease his hospital costs. According to reports, he's feeling better now, and has recorded some new pieces on an album called, Wig!

Surf over to ReverbNation to stream Wig! for your listening pleasure. Wig! is slated to be released in June 2010. Here's a preview of the track list:

1.   Banks of the River
2.   Dig What You're Putting Down
3.   House Rent Jump
4.   New Old Blue Car
5.   Look Out!
6.   Thirty Days in the Workhouse
7.   Ain't Got No Dough
8.   My Kind of Trouble
9.   Somebody Told the Truth
10. The Words In Red
11. Colors of Night
12. House Rent Jump

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