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Sunday, March 28, 2010

SF Murals - 24th Street / Noe Valley

The 24th Street / Noe Valley murals

This pair of murals face each other across a parking lot on 24th Street, in Sf. The insets depict the local shops in the immediate neighborhood, with some artistic liberties taken. 

The artist/designer, Mona Caron, has a website here.

This mural is located adjacent to a parking lot at 3871 24th Street, between Vicksburg and Sanchez (Noe Valley neighborhood), San Francisco, USA.

This is the East Side Mural

Detail: Eggplant

Detail: Artichoke

Detail: Historic 24th Street

Detail: Borage Flowers

This is the West Side Mural

Detail: 24th St. Neighborhood

If you look carefully at this photo (Below), you'll notice, on the left side, a man on a ladder next to the sign for Haystack Pizza Restaurant. Now, look at the right side of the photo of the West Side Mural above. There, you see the actual sign for the real Haystack Pizza joint.

Detail: Root Vegetables (Radish, Beet, Parsnip)

Detail: Melon

Another shot of the West Side Mural

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